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The Impastato Golf Academies offer golfers of all ages and skills the highest level of golf instruction and training facilities. Our Geneva, IL and Fort Myers, FL locations are staffed by expert PGA Professionals and coaches providing personalized private and group lesson programs designed to help you reach your full potential so you can experience your best golf today.

Granger Beaton

Performance Coach

Granger has a unique ability to simplify complex concepts and help golfers at all skill levels achieve measurable success in all aspects of the game. He is a passionate performance coach who has measured and worked with many of the world’s top players, coaches and teams.

Granger brings his holistic coaching methods to the Academy and Chicago area golf community. Every player has individual golf goals and Granger’s approach is designed to help achieve these goals. He first evaluates an athlete’s performance in 5 areas: Physical, Technical, Neurological, Tactical, and Mechanical then creates an individualized program so athletes can excel in these 5 areas regardless of their current abilities or level of play.

Granger received his early training at the elite David Leadbetter Junior Golf Academy at IMG Academies in Florida where he also became a coach. He coached at the Titleist Performance Institute Junior Performance Center, and was a founding member at Blast Motion, a leader in sports motion-capture technology used by many MLB teams and hundreds of tour players. He is certified in golf and sport science technologies including Titleist Performance Institute, K-Vest, and Blast.

Contact Granger by email at granger@digolfacademy.com or by phone (781) 820-6718