Professional Club-Fitting

Custom-fit golf clubs will make a big difference in your game! All golfers are looking for ways to be more consistent and hit the ball farther, and properly fit golf clubs are a key component for both of these goals. The make-up of a set of clubs has a huge influence on the mechanics of your swing and the results of your shot. Players’ set ups and swings will conform to their equipment either negatively or positively, depending on the fit, sometimes without the player ever realizing it.

A question rarely asked when fitting clubs is:

Do you want a set of clubs to fit your current swing, or to fit a more technically correct swing? 

The answer should depend upon each player’s goals for their game, and whether or not they are actively taking instruction and trying to improve their swing. Many players just want a set of clubs that will complement the swing that they currently have at the time of the fitting, while others would like to improve their swing technique and have a set of clubs that promotes a better swing. 

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